CL Performance Training

Cindy pic website 2Dr. Cindy is the founder and head coach of CL Performance Training (

Our mission is to help everyday athletes achieve goals and dreams while changing their lives in the process.  Anyone can do it – our job is to work with you to set realistic goals according to your own unique life situation and develop a plan to get you there.  We believe anyone can improve, no matter their starting place – that includes you!

Coach Cindy, Coach Al and Coach Sophie work with Triathletes, Cyclists, Runners, Adventure Racers and Ultra Endurance Athletes from beginner to elite to help them set and achieve goals in sport.

We provide online individualized training plans for athletes around the globe that suit an athlete’s goals and lifestyle as well as one-one-one sessions for local athletes on the bike, in the pool, on the track or in the gym.

Take the first step towards improving yourself as an athlete – contact us for a free consultation by phone or in person to discuss how we may work together.

Coach Cindy has competed as a professional triathlete, while working full time and raising a family. She has the experience to help athletes achieve their best while respecting other life priorities they may have.

We work individually with runners, cyclists and triathletes to help each person through the process required to reach their goals – including goal setting, program design and implementation. Our coaching relationship can be as simple or as involved as we want it to be – depending on your goals and level of commitment.  We will provide you with a personalized training program which includes detailed workouts outlined for you in a way that fits your schedule and goals.

Every goal is important and the pathway to achieving each goal must be scientifically based and safe, while also resulting in enjoyment along the way.

One-on-One Coaching Packages:
– All with a minimum 3 month commitment

Start Up Fee: $99.00
This fee covers the cost of your initial assessment which includes a bike test, run gait assessment and functional assessment as well as the general design of your annual training plan which maps out your training cycles and goal races.

Level 1: $265/month + HST
(single sport coaching: $225/month + HST)
◾Initial meeting with your coach
◾Personalized training calendar with ongoing unlimited email communication
◾Phone and/or in-person meetings with your coach as needed
◾Adjustments to program as required

>For more information on coaching services and fees email Cindy at


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