Baby Triathlete (“Iron Baby”) is here! And more news.

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog!!! But, hey, are you really surprised?? I think most of my blog posts start that way . I always have good intentions of getting on here more often! This time I have more big news to tell you! Al and I have a 7 week old daughter – Kaitlyn Caballero!! She was born September 10th and is a beautiful healthy little girl! And, get this – she is already working! She has been working alongside me in my home Chiropractic office and my home training studio since she was born.



Not only that, she has also been to her first 5km race!


She is bound to be a clever little girl and fit and fast! We are cheering her on already .

When I found out I was pregnant I had an open mind about it and how life would work. I really didn’t know. I knew I would do my best to be the best mom I could be with the resources I had. And that I would do my best to stay as fit as I could be and train when it made sense to be the best athlete I could be – while keeping my mom duties first. Al and I both decided we wanted to make Kaitlyn a part of our life when possible and not “stop” life because we had a baby. We have been pretty good about making all of that happen. In seven weeks she has been to a 5km race, a costume party, a weekend up north at a friend’s house, and more.  She has a BOB running stroller and a baby trailer ready to hook onto the back of our bicycles next spring!  Al and I have tried to get in the habit of getting on our bicycles or running in our basement studio when possible in the evenings once she goes to bed. For now, that is working for us! We will continue adapting to our new life as needed and go with the flow to see what works for the three of us.

This week brings new challenges… I return to work in my Oakville clinic – Lakeside Physiotherapy and Massage on Robinson Street – and she will come with me. Let’s hope she likes that clinic as well as our home office! Next week I return to Toronto on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – but she won’t be making the trek in there with me. And November 13th she will come in to Toronto with Al and I while we run CL Performance Training’s “Mega Day” – a big training day that will consist of a computrainer bike ride, a group run, run biomechanics lesson, strength and mobility session and a roadside bike maintenance hands on session. Want to join us? Email

And that’s life right now! Stay tuned, because I really will try and write soon about the real emotional and physical challenges that go with the transition from being a professional triathlete to professional mom… in the hopes that I can inspire and help some other ladies out there who are currently going through or planning to go through this adventure sometime soon!

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1 Response to Baby Triathlete (“Iron Baby”) is here! And more news.

  1. Greta says:

    You’re an ironmom now and have a plan that’s going to work for you. If I am correct , you will very likely be a help to others who choose family and fitness.
    There are lots of other people who might be interested in your experience.

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