Miami 70.3 – racing and coaching

My career choice is very rewarding. When I think of people who go to work every day and hate their jobs, or just “spend time” doing something mindless, I think about how lucky I am to have built something that I really like doing every day. Helping people get and stay healthy and helping athletes achieve goals that are important to them – how can every day not be a good day?? People set goals in health and fitness for many reasons. And people set goals in endurance sports for many reasons just the same – which I get to be part of, not only in planning and taking them through a training schedule, but also getting to know each persons personality and what drives them. Relationships are created between a coach/trainer and athlete that are deeper than most people realize.

2 weeks ago I was in Miami for the 70.3. I went there to race – but also to support five of the athletes I coach. To be there for them before the race and after the race was my favourite part! Knowing how some of their lives have changed, what they have given up and what they have introduced into their lives, and being part of the up and downs of their journeys to race day is something that is hard to describe.

As for me, I raced too! The end of the 2015 Triathlon race season. If you know me or if you have followed my blogs throughout this year, you know that it wasn’t the best year ever for me and triathlon, but I have been feeling better as the weeks go on. I dealt with a chronic hip injury over the winter months and then some overtraining in the spring and first half of the summer. After recognizing that and making some changes in the summer, I have been feeling better and stronger each week. I’m looking forward to getting through the next bit of off-season and getting stronger and faster for the 2016 season! Miami was a great way to end things off this year. Here is the story…:

The swim: This part wasn’t so good – but that’s because of the jellyfish!! There were jelly fish every few metres. Big one’s!! I was stung at least 12 times, all over. One big one in the arm and armpit that is still a pain 2 weeks later. This was the first time I ever saw a jellyfish…and I’m not looking forward to seeing them so close up ever again! Other than that, I felt okay in the swim, although it was definitely hard to focus on swimming!

The bike: The bike was fun. Flat and fast. The first half with the wind at our backs was FAST. It was important to stay in control on that piece though and not get too excited.. because the second half was back in the opposite direction with that same wind as a headwind!! It was fun to fight through the wind, to stay focussed on pedalling, stay strong mentally and work on passing one person at a time. I felt good on the ride and was consistent most of the way through.

The run: It’s hot in Miami! When I got off the bike I was feeling good. Quickly I realized that sun was hot! The run was a little slower than I would have liked, but I kept going without looking at my watch so I wouldn’t be stressed by the data – this is something that has been a good thing for me to learn to do this year! Having data can be good for some people, but for others it’s better to put it away and listen to your body instead at times. This course is fairly flat except for a big overpass that you run over four times. I kept going one foot in front of the other and trying to keep a smile on my face – my last race of the year and five coached athletes racing.. that kept me going and kept me in a good headspace! I saw a few of my friends who were racing a few times during the race because of the out and back x 2 course. It was nice to see them and their smiling faces! In the end, I ran significantly slower than I would have liked, but I did give it a good effort overall and it turned out that almost everyone ran slower than they normally would. I ended up 11th overall in a big field of pro’s! Overall, I’m happy with this race and the way it ended up, and I’m excited about getting back into it in a couple of weeks once off’season is over. For now.. time to put up the feet and take 2 weeks of rest and recovery!

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  1. Cindy – Amazing that you can keep going and enjoy a race when faced with something as unexpected and new as jellyfish stings. That’s some kind of mental strength! I’m looking forward to MAKING the opportunity to learn more from you.

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