Nearing the end of Palm Beach Training Camp 2012

It’s Thursday afternoon and I am due to fly back home to Toronto on Saturday.  It’s been a great trip to West Palm Beach – lots of great training despite some rainy days!!  I am not looking forward to geting back to “real life” in a few days!  Kat joined me here on saturday and has been running up a storm as well!

I have spend hours each day riding my bike along the A1A highway.  I can probably draw a map of every bump on the road in Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach.  You may think that riding up and down the same flat highway could get boring, BUT, here are some pictures of what I was riding alongside:

Beautiful!  It’s refreshing to ride alongside the edge of the ocean while breathing in truly fresh ocean air.  The hugeness of the ocean really puts things into perspective as well.. makes you realize how small we really are and makes you consider the things that are important in life.

We have been swimming in the outdoor pool almost every day.  Another thing that you don’t get to do in Toronto that I really appreciate.  Even when it’s raining out, the ability to swim outdoors is something to appreciate.

Running has been done either down here in Lake Worth where we are staying OR up along the A1A as well.  With either option it has been possible to explore some new surroundings.

The only thing I might suggest to those in charge of Lake Worth and Palm Beach is that there should be more Starbucks!! Lol.  I have gotten to know a Starbucks in Lake Worth quite well.  It has become my usual stop over to catch up on emails and work after bike rides and runs.  I have to admit I have consumed my share of coffee frappucino’s while I have been here!

All that said, as much as going back to real life in Toronto will come with it’s fair share of work and stress, I will happy to go back home to see Al and my Dogs, it hasn’t been the same here without them!!

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