Florida 2012

Well,, it’s that time again, one year from the time I started this blog, and here I am in Florida  to do some training in the sunshine!  (or, at least I hope the sunshine stays, it’s calling for wet and dreary weather this weekend!).  I arrived late Monday night, so yesterday was my first “day” here, and I had a few adventures!!

WhatI learned yesterday:
Write down more detail about where I park the car.  Yesterday I parked at Ocean Drive and A1A highway.  When I went to find my car, it was not at Ocean Drive and A1A highway… or at least I didn’t think so! So, while I stressed about the fact that my car may have been either towed or stolen, I realized that the lot I was looking in didn’t have the same metres as the one’s I put my money in to pay for parking.. “that’s weird”.  Luckily, across the stress was a police station and there was an officer outside controlling the vehicles who were going to “vote” for their preferred republican cadidate, and when I explained to him what happened he laughed and said there were MANY Ocean Avenue and A1A intersections, and we figured out which I put my car at based on where I’m staying.  Got there – and there was my car waiting for me, and with no parking ticket for being gone to long. 

Aside from that incident, the day was perfect!!  It was 25-27 degrees celcius and sunny skies without much wind.  Amazing to be riding outdoors and running without ice and snow under my feet.  I could get used to this life year round!!  Even better, there is a outdoor pool just a few miles from where I am staying, which was almost totally empty when I got there yesterday afternoon.  Even better,the pool doesn’t open until 11:30am, so that means I have a real excuse for “putting off” swimming to the afternoon and do my better loved workouts first.

A big THANK YOU to the friend who offered his place in Florida for my home base – it’s beautiful here and I feel totally safe in a place I have never been before.  And a big thank you to Al for arranging all of this!! Wish you were here too!

More over the next few days..

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1 Response to Florida 2012

  1. Katrina says:

    Can’t wait to join you and share some sunshine! So excited!

    xo Kat

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