The tale of an injured athlete

For the past month I have been injured, and the duration and seeming complexity of this injury has lead me to re-evaluate my place as a triathlete.  I have gone back and forth between taking this season off from racing and just taking part as a recreational triathlete in the years to come, to beating this injury properly and simply moving the season forward if need be.  After talking to friends and my coach, I have decided that for now, I will forge ahead, continue getting as much treatment as necessary and rehab as much as I can to try and get through this quickly and back to training properly again.  I have tried to take some of the pressure off, and will just do what is necessary and see where that puts me.  If this goes away in the next few weeks, or even the next month, I can race this year later in the season.  If it doesn’t, I will work on getting strong this year so I can have a super duper injury-free year next year.  Time to look on the bright side and keep forging ahead!

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