Home from Orlando!

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Orlando, Florida with my friend Katrina and get in 5 days of great training!  Although the weather was not as warm as I was hoping, it turned out to be perfect for training.

We arrived on Tuesday morning, and after eventually finding the way to our condo from the airport (fully stressed about the tolls that we managed to drive right through without any US change) I opened up the bike box and put together my bike.  Once it was together, I headed out for my very first outdoor ride on my Focus TT bike!

I immediately felt so comfortable on this bike and was excited about the week ahead.  After a 90 minute spin to make sure everything was in working order, I headed out for a 75 minute run with Kat.  Although she quickly pulled ahead and her crazy fast ‘easy run pace’, I was happy to be not so far behind her!  I was happy that my foot was not bothering me, and happy to be on a dry sidewalk in Florida.  We then got some groceries, made a great healthy meal in the condo, and went to sleep early!

Wednesday was the day for the first long 5 hour bike ride.  I drove to Clermont, and found a great loop there to ride.  What a great day – it was 72 degrees and I got a faint tan line.  Yipee!  Followed up the ride with a 30 minute run, and then a fabulous protein shake from the Smoothie place at the National Training Centre!  I wondered why I had stopped drinking smoothies on a regular basis.

Thursday brought my first speed and hill workout since last fall and since this dreaded neuroma!  70 minutes later, after 6 hills and a tempo run, I had no foot pain and was pumped about the possibility that I may be able to train properly again!  Then, another short bike ride, and then a YMCA swim.

Friday was another long bike ride – was supposed to be 5 hours, but this is when I really learned that I NEED A NEW SEAT!! OMG.  That’s all I can say.  I rode for 3:30 and then did the transition run, and made a date with Al to go to La Bicicletta in Toronto on Wednesday and find a new seat!  Then, weights and swim at the Y and felt better!  Saturday was the longest run in months – 2 hours, and again NO FOOT PAIN!!

The weather was great on Saturday as well, and we were able to get in a fabulous run around Lake Minneola in Clermont.  Then, to the YMCA for one last swim.  What a great week of training!  We finished off our week in Orlando by attending a Luau at one of the restaurants in Sea World.  This was very cool.  And, on the way to the restaurant I saw baby dolphins – the first time I had ever seen a dolphin!  Yes, it’s true.. this year I need to go to Marine Land and broaden my horizons.  🙂

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