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Dr. Cindy Lewis is a Chiropractor in Burlington located at 3377 Bristol Drive in Burlington, Ontario near the intersection of Walker’s Line and Upper Middle Road.

Cindy graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2007 following her degree in Honours Kinesiology from McMaster University.  She has been an endurance athlete for most of her life and has spent years learning about the body’s functions, biomechanics, injuries, and how to optimize performance while minimizing the incidence and impact of injury.

As a Chiropractor, Dr. Lewis believes in treating a painful area while also looking at the whole patient to determine the cause of any dysfunctions related to their current complaints.  A combination of manual therapy (including soft tissue release and adjustments of spine and extremity), acupuncture, patient education and rehab exercises are used to correct abnormal biomechanics and get patients back to their active lifestyle ASAP.

Cindy is also a former professional triathlete who is the founder and head coach of CL Performance Training (, coaching and training endurance athletes around North America in Triathlon, Cycling, Running and Adventure Racing.

Dr. Lewis has been a guest speaker for the Canadian Fitness Professionals annual trade show and conference’s in Whistler and Toronto as well as a regular guest speaker for the Running Room.  She has been a contributor to Breathe Magazine, Can Fit Pro Magazines, and newsletters for Multisport Canada, Toronto Women’s Running Series and Marathon Dynamics.  She has also been featured on TV shows including The Art of Building Bodies and Breakfast Television.


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  1. Greta Rosen says:

    So far so good and doing all the recommended stretches but I will need a tune up after 2600 miles.

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